5 Steps to Get Started

Getting Started

So, you've decided you want to change up your fitness routine, you're ready to commit. Now what?

1. Set your goal.

Setting goals is important. It is like having a map, for your fitness journey, it helps you to formulate a plan. Much like a road trip there should be little land marks on the way that you enjoy. This makes fitness a journey rather than just the destination. Decide what your fitness goals are. You want to find a long term fitness goal and also set smaller sooner achieved goals. The more specific you can be about your long term goal the better.

Here's a little tough love, if you tell your trainer "I want to lose 10 lbs" (something we hear A LOT) and you tunnel vision your way to losing 10 pounds what happens next? You will very likely gain it back celebrating your victory. (Been there done that!) Here's a better way to word that goal, "I want to focus on upping my cardio vascular endurance” or pick an exercise that burns fat and conquer it, “I want to add 5 turkish get ups to every work out”

You want to avoid an abusive goal or negative goal, those won’t make you happy in the long run and you’ll feel like you’re being punished every time you work out. It is better to set you mind on gain rather than loss. Working out is hard enough as it is, you want to do everything in your power to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible. So if your post baby abs are a thing of the past make core strength your goal maybe set mini goals you focus on to increase plank time. Chose to be positive about your goals.

2. Find Home Base.

Find the trainer/class that works for you. Finding the right fitness fit is like finding the right soap. It will get the job done but you like what you like. So explore, try new things and note (literally note! Write it down) what you liked and didn't like, what made you feel good what turned you off. Did the loud music pump you up or hurt your ears? Did you like the pace of the class? Was it too quiet? Also, let your trainer/teacher know you're new to this. It's ok to be scared and feel uncomfortable, you're literally showing your weakness to some one you just met. If they aren't able to reassure and make you feel comfortable keep looking because your group fitness teacher or trainer should make you feel confident you are in good hands. You also need to do your research, does the class you’re interested in taking line up with your fitness goal? If you want to work on your flexibility a spin class (while great cardio) isn’t going to do that for you. Just like a yoga class isn’t going to benefit your cardio vascular endurance like a spin class would.

3. Talk it Up.

Let people know you are making a commitment. Set a schedule and let your close friends and family know what your plan is, give them some details. Talk about how many times a week, what kind of classes, (cardio, strength, core) Was it fun? Did you love it? Invite a supportive friend to come with you, check in on facebook, tag on instagram. Make your own buzz! The more you talk about it to people the more they will ask you when they see you and that holds you accountable, it helps to keep you on track. Maybe you’re thinking you’re feeling tired and going to skip our work out today and then your sister/friend/dad asks you how the fitness thing is going. I’ll bet you’ll feel obligated to head back in.

4. Gear Up.

This one sounds silly, but get some gear you love. Think of this as an investment in yourself. You don't have to break the bank but you do want to feel as good as possible. Don't wear your old collage t-shirt that reminds you of life as a thinner less stressed out person. Don't wear dead shoes or anything that makes you feel anything shy of fabulous. Get some stuff you want an excuse to wear! Clothing that makes you feel like the fabulous, fit, active, rockstar you are.

5. Now go for it!

Take some advice from Nike and just do it! Find you own mantra and embrace your new approach to fitness. You want a mantra that helps you stay positive and helps you push through challenging moments. "I embrace the challenge”, “I got this”, “The burn is temporary the determination is stronger”, “Sweat with no regret” “In this moment I am strong”, “I am limitless”. You can change your mantra for each work out but feeding your body positive messages goes a really long way.

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